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Travel Photo Checklist Free Printable

One of my favorite things to do when taking a family vacation is to capture images that can help preserve our family memories. Often I take so many photos, that the majority sit on an external hard drive, waiting to be rediscovered again when life is a little bit less hectic and time is more abundant (if there ever is such a time). But I like to capture certain little details on our trips that can help spark a memory or a moment in time during our travels. And one day, I hope to create photo books for all of our travels, documenting the little and big moments of our trips. Because of this, I decided to create a Travel Photo Checklist to help myself and others remember to capture all of the little details that will help in preserving those sweet memories.

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My goal, as my family’s primary photographer and memory keeper, is to take photos that tell our story. As you will see in my list below, I like to include photos of all kinds while documenting my family’s travels. So here you go – a list of 46 photos you should be taking during your many travels.

46 Photos To Take To Document Your Travels:

  1. Photo of entire family
  2. Photo of your packing list
  3. Photo of your plane/train tickets
  4. Photo of packed luggage
  5. Photo of a road sign with name of destination
  6. Photo of contents of suitcase
  7. Photo of children sitting on luggage
  8. Photo of everyone boarding plane
  9. Photo of the view from car/plane/train window
  10. Photo of your itinerary
  11. Photo of children reading a map
  12. Photo of famous landmarks
  13. Photo of family in car/plane/train
  14. Photo of country or state flag
  15. Photo of a local park
  16. Photo of the local market
  17. Photo of car mileage before/after road trip
  18. Photo of self-portrait during your travels
  19. Photo of local fave hangouts
  20. Photo of the book(s) you are reading
  21. Photo taking an afternoon walk
  22. Photo of unique signs
  23. Photo of a beautiful sunrise
  24. Photo of a street sign
  25. Photo inside a souvenir shop
  26. Photo of kids waking up in hotel
  27. Photo of a menu from your favorite restaurant
  28. Photo of a beautiful sunset
  29. Photo of your passports
  30. Photo of found treasures
  31. Photo of local cuisine
  32. Photos inside hotel/condo
  33. Photos of tickets to events
  34. Photo of a favorite meal
  35. Photo of a silhouette at sunset
  36. Photo of local people & events
  37. Photo of beautiful landscapes
  38. Photos of candid moments
  39. Photos of interesting buildings
  40. Photo of the view from the balcony
  41. Photo of a local map
  42. Photo of a selfie of the entire family
  43. Photos of local wildlife
  44. Photo of bags packed for the trip home
  45. Photo of family in front of the hotel/condo
  46. Photo of family returning home

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My recommendations for printing and using this free printable (8.5″x11″) are as follows:

  • Printer
  • Paper – I love this 32 lb paper for planner printables or any type of printables that require the use of a pen. This heavier weight paper will prevent bleed through which is of great importance when using any type of planner printables.
  • Pen – These are the pens that I am currently using and I love them. They are also available in black. You can find those here.

So there you go. You can hang this on your refrigerator or add it to your household binder and stay on track with documenting the little details on your next big adventure.

Do you have certain photos that you find yourself taking time and time again while on your travels?  How do you choose to document those special moments and memories while you are traveling with loved ones?

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