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10 Tips For Taking Better Photos Of Your Kids With Any Camera

Are you looking for tips for taking better photos of your kids? I am here to tell you that you can significantly improve your photos by following a few simple steps. While this is not a technical post with all of the photography ins and outs, it is one that will help in changing your photography ... READ the POST

5 Reasons I Love Chatbooks + FREE Book Promo Link

In case you haven’t heard of this super fun and easy way to document your memories, Chatbooks are one of my favorite ways to effortlessly create tangible keepsakes for my family. And guess what? You can get your first one for FREE (up to $10). What are Chatbooks? Chatbooks are cute and modern ... READ the POST

Capturing Childhood With A 100 Days of Summer Photography Project

Summer is my absolute favorite time of the year to document the lives of my boys. I find myself with my camera in hand daily, capturing images of our many moments together. Whether we are lounging by the pool or hiking on one of our favorite hiking trails, summer images are some of my favorite ones ... READ the POST

25 Best Everyday Moments to Capture of Your Child + Free Checklist

I didn’t really begin taking photos regularly until my oldest son was born at the end of 2005. It was then that I delved into photography and started snapping pictures...A LOT. During that time, I was still in the realm of just pointing the camera and shooting, but even so, I treasure those earlier ... READ the POST

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