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8 Things I Am Loving This Sunday

This week we signed our little guy up for cub scouts, went on a day date on a Friday and Michael and our teenager went to the first home Vanderbilt football game while our little, our middle and I went out for a date night. Mix in all of our mundane, and it was a pretty good week.

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Currently, it is a beautiful Sunday morning. I am sipping on some of my favorite English breakfast tea, and I am thinking about all that I have been loving this week. So much y’all, but here are eight random things to interest you this Sunday.

8 things i love this week

8 Things I Am Loving This Week

  1. I bought this waterproof facial cleansing brush from Amazon this week and let me just say; I am obsessed. It really leaves my face feeling so clean, smooth, and soft. And it is waterproof, so using it in the shower has been a dream. It feels so good, y’all.
  2. Ok, so I am writing about this beforehand, but TODAY, we are making homemade ice cream, and I simply can’t wait. We use this ice cream mix in this ice cream maker, and it is seriously so good. The boys love it and it brings back childhood memories of my own. YUM. And Aw.
  3. I talked about my love for Chatbooks this week here, but seriously I can’t recommend these cute little modern photobooks enough. Having tangible keepsakes of my Instagram feed is such a real gift. It is like a journal of sorts printed into a little book. And it literally requires no work on my end, aside from posting on Instagram, of course.
  4. My husband built us a farmhouse table a few years ago. Over the years though, our style has changed, and the wood boards on the top began to separate more than we liked so he redid the tabletop last weekend. This whole week, I have walked by our kitchen table time and time again, running my hand across it and marveling over its beauty. I love that such a central piece in our home was created by him. Gives me all the feels.
  5. Ok, I have a confession to make. I have never ever watched anything on or used Hulu. Yes, I may be an exception to the rule here. But because of changes with our cable provider, we have been on the search for a new way to watch all of our shows. So far, I am loving it. We have found several things not offered on Netflix to add to our must-watch list. So far it is the front runner during our search.
  6. I finally got on board and bought myself this PopSocket for my phone. Then I realized that there are PopSocket accessories like this PopSocket mount and this PopSocket vent mount for the car. I simply couldn’t adore these little gadgets more. So sleek and functional.
  7. If you haven’t heard, leopard print is a must this fall season. Y’all I couldn’t love this cardigan more. Checks off all the boxes and is super comfy. And truly, cardigans are my uniform of choice in the cool fall months. I can not wait until the change of seasons.
  8. Speaking of leopard print, I bought these leopard print flats this week and am in LOVE. I wore them last night on my date night out with my boys. I also love these and these. Simply a must for fall, y’all.

Happy Sunday! I hope it’s a great one!

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