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10 Amazon Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Y’all, I’m not going to sugarcoat it; motherhood is just plain hard. Whether you are in the trenches of sleepless nights and itty bitties or the hard teenage years, it never really gets any easier. Or maybe it does, but the hard just takes up space in a different realm as you transition into the various stages of motherhood.

Because of all the blood, sweat and tears that goes into mom’ing like a pro, when Mother’s Day comes around, I say we celebrate. Celebrate our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, friends and even the strangers we see in the grocery store holding fussy babies or refereeing older children. Y’all let’s take a minute to celebrate us too because don’t we deserve it after the days, weeks, months and years we have dedicated to these little people who grow into big people, seemingly overnight? Shouldn’t we celebrate the years of sleepless nights, the plethora of bedtime stories, the many trips to the park, packed lunches, nightly homework, the heartbreak, the joy, and the endless love that doesn’t seem to ever fade? I say absolutely YES. If not Mother’s Day, then when? Right?

So today I decided to scour my go-to place to shop for all the things and put together a list of my favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas this year. Some of this is still on my list of wants, so I hope the hubby is reading. (hint, hint)

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Amazon Mother's Day Gift Ideas

My Top 10 Amazon Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. House Cleaning Service – First, I want to begin by saying that this would be a great gift idea for father’s day too. Don’t think I’m being gender bias here. I just love a clean house and so does my husband. Household chores are very much a family thing. Our boys fold their own laundry, do dishes, dust, mop, vacuum, clean toilets – you name it, they do it. BUT the thought of enjoying a clean house without actually having to do or delegate any of the work is like music to my ears.
  2. Mother’s Day Necklace – I simply adore these Mother’s Day necklaces by EFYTAL. I love the idea of jewelry that symbolizes the bond between a mother and her child, but I also love the simplicity of their designs. So pretty!
  3. At Home Spa Kit – Lavender and jasmine – OH MY! Because I have a rather shy and introverted personality, I don’t like going to the spa. But bring the spa to me, and I call that a winner. This kit includes everything you need to pamper yourself. Schedule in some time for relaxing, turn on some of your favorite tunes and lock the bathroom door so you can enjoy your home spa day in peace. Daddy’s got this.
  4. Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Instant Camera – I have wanted an instant camera for a very long time, but because I am a researcher by nature, I have never quite taken the time to figure out which instant camera I should buy. But finally, after much research and deliberation, I have made my decision. This Fujifilm instant camera seems to check off all of my boxes and is at a good price point too. Win-win. I recently stumbled across a project called 365 Grateful and fell in love. This camera is going to allow me to begin my own 365 Grateful project for myself. I will be sure to share more about that journey soon.
  5. Q&A a Day for Moms – I found this little 5-year journal about a month ago and just had to have it. I am a constant journaler and life documenter and love the idea of seeing how my answers will change with each passing year. I know it will be a great keepsake for my boys as well.

  6. Kindle Paperwhite – I love to read, and while I have my share of physical books, my favorite way to read is on my Kindle Paperwhite. This is, by far, one of my all-time favorite purchases. I couldn’t love my kindle more.
  7. Girl, Stop Apologizing – Speaking of which, this book is my latest read and is soooo good! I absolutely adore Rachel Hollis and everything that she stands for. This book really is a must read!
  8. Best Mom Ever Mug – I am, sort of, a collector of mugs. In part, because I drink somewhere between five and ten cups of hot tea a day. People talk about comfort foods; well hot tea is my comfort drink. Because I love pretty things, I tend to gravitate towards pretty mugs. This one is one of my faves, by far!
  9. Scuddles Garden Tools Set – For years, I have said that I am going to learn gardening and this year is officially the year I am going to make that happen. I found this garden tool set and immediately sent it to my husband. Pretty tools = green thumb, right? Ok, maybe not but it’s a start.
  10. 52 Lists for Happiness – I bought this journal a few months ago and have absolutely fallen in love with it. Through list making, I have found that I am more present, self-aware and grateful for all that I have in my life. You can read more ways I recommend you practice daily gratitude here.

So there ya go. Ten of my favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas that you can buy on Amazon today. Is it just me or does Amazon seem to never disappoint?

What about you? Do you have any great ideas for Mother’s Day that you would like to share? I’d love to hear.

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