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My Baby Is 5!

Happy 5th Birthday to my birthday boy! This birthday has been looming over me with dread for the significance that the number 5 seems to entail. It feels so beyond the baby stage that I tend to try very hard to hold on to. Let’s be honest, he hasn’t been a “baby” in quite some time. But for anyone who knows me, they know I’ve held on to the baby years with this one for a little longer than I probably should have. It’s been hard letting him grow up.

Since becoming a big brother though, Bryson has grown leaps and bounds. He has matured in ways that I never dreamed of and has become quite the little helper here at home.

I will never forget the day I found out I was pregnant with my sweet middle son. I was home alone with his big brother (who was one year old at the time) and was exhausted from a long day at work. Something came over me that night and told me that I should take a pregnancy test. I’m not even sure where the desire came from or why I felt in that moment that I should drag myself out of bed to take a test but I did. Moments later, I was staring at double lines. I was shocked but full of joy, scared but elated and giddy with excitement.

Here I sit staring at my 5-year-old son and am truly amazed at just how quickly he has grown. This kid can bring a smile to nearly anyone’s face. His smile is infectious and will light up any room. He is quiet at times but during others, he can be loud and rambunctious and simply full of…well, whatever it is that little boys are full of. Yes, my middle son is 5! He is no longer a baby and is growing quicker than I would like but he, beyond anything else, has made this momma proud. He is fun-loving, exuberant, sweet, a daddy’s boy, funny, silly, and above all else he is MINE! Happy birthday to my sweet middle son! I hope you never forget how much your mommy loves and adores you. I love you to the moon, kid.IMG_9613bIMG_9423b


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