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Girl or Boy? The Verdict Is In…

Yesterday, I had one of the most exciting, nerve-racking days of my life. It was the day that I finally found out the gender of the newest and final member of our little family. If I am being completely honest, I didn’t have a preference either way however knowing that either I would be blessed with three little boys or have the joy of adding a little girl to the mix was something that truly had me beside myself with excitement.

We were so blessed to have many wonderful family members there to enjoy in our little moment. It was a 3d ultrasound and the room was large with a comfy couch and chairs and a big screen tv on the wall for viewing of our little miracle. Joining us were Mimi, Papa, Nonnie, Papa, Aunt Heather, Uncle Justin, Aunt Hilary, Ava, Tripp, Bayleigh, and of course our little family of 4.

The moment I laid down on the table to begin the ultrasound I felt like my heart was going to pound out of my chest. So overwhelmed with excitement, I could barely contain myself. And then within minutes, I saw it! I think everyone saw it before the technician even tried to see the gender. We were having another baby boy, plain as day, no questions asked. It was an amazing revelation but one that brought on feelings of “3 BOYS…WOW…REALLY…3 BOYS!!”

I heard whispers of “it’s a boy!” and constant chatter as everyone’s excitement of finally finding out became an overwhelming reality. We continued to watch an amazing ultrasound of which I didn’t want to miss a single moment. We were truly awestruck by the absolute miracle and blessing that we were once again being blessed with a sweet little boy of our own. Once the ultrasound was over, we all gave hugs and everyone congratulated Michael and I for the upcoming arrival of our 3rd son.


Afterwards, our family of four, along with Mimi, Poppa, Aunt Heather, Uncle Justin, and Aunt Hilary, and all of their kiddos enjoyed a celebration of yummy ice cream at one of our local ice cream shops. I ate vanilla ice cream with strawberries on top and baby boy definately approved!

It was an amazing, overwhelmingly beautiful day! I will never forget that moment shared with so many people I love so much. What a true blessing and a welcomed gift for me and my little family!

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