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Embracing The Simple Joys

The simple joys in our lives can often be overlooked and overshadowed by all of the not so simple parts of our days – the hard stuff, the big, bold, “look at me” stuff, the stuff that keeps our minds and bodies busy and preoccupied during the long hours of our days.

I often think that taking time for the simple joys is what we should really be focusing our energy on. Sure, the big stuff is exciting and awe-inspiring and keeps us looking forward to our next big adventure, or it may be hard and heavy and gives us little time for anything else. But the small of our day, hidden beneath it all, that is where we often miss out on the truly simple joys of our lives.

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Enjoying The Simple Joys – Wildflowers

Early this week, I took a leisurely walk with my youngest son. We have a beautiful stretch of walking trails attached to our subdivision that allows for these walks daily. It is one of my favorite ways to soak in extra time with my boys. Along the way, we came across a field of wildflowers. To him, the most beautiful, bright and bold, yellow wildflowers he had ever seen. And through his eccentrically embellished 5-year-old eyes (thanks to the new superhero glasses he received at Arby’s earlier that day), I was able to see the same beauty that he saw, only a few feet in front of me.

Y’all, this is where the simple joys lie. Nestled in the nooks and crannies and buried beneath the mundane of our everyday. When we stop and truly soak in the beautiful wonder that surrounds us, that’s when we unequivocally understand and experience our own real-life simple joys.

When we stop and truly soak in the beautiful wonder that surrounds us, that's when we unequivocally understand and experience our own real-life simple joys.Click To Tweet

Before we continued on our walk, we stood there amongst those bright and bold, yellow wildflowers, and I watched as my sweet boy slowly picked several bundles. I listened as he chattered about his plans to give them to me and showcase them in the watering can behind our house. Y’all, if you have lost sight of these sweet moments or if it has been awhile, I recommend you place yourself in accompaniment of a 5-year-old. They are the best at painting pretty pictures, imaginations as wide as the sea.

There are soft and sweet moments in our days that sit quietly just waiting for that beacon of light to shine down on them. As if to say, “Do you see me? I am here. Notice me. Acknowledge me. This is the beauty of YOUR day. Your simple joy.” This was one of those moments for me, y’all.

Grateful For Eyes Wide Open

As we walked home, I couldn’t help but feel thankful for that 30-minute walk with my 5-year-old boy and the beauty, at first unbeknownst to me, of those yellow wildflowers. Funny how we can find life lessons lurking around every corner, hanging out in every field, nesting softly upon a bright yellow bundle of wildflowers held by the cutest little hands you ever did see.

Grateful for the mundane of that day. And for those bright red superhero glasses that first showed me the way.

Where do you find the simple joys in your days? Do they sneak up on you during the big of your day? Or are you living with eyes wide open? Your simple joys displayed front and center for the world to see?

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