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An Afternoon Of Soul Refueling…

I sat down at my computer yesterday, hoping to spend some time editing photos and responding to customer emails when it dawned on me that what I needed more than anything else was an afternoon outside with my Little. I raced him upstairs for a shower and within the hour, we were out the door. I ... READ the POST

Enjoying The Mundane

School, work, home - it all sort of made up this past week. Nothing eventful. Mainly just the mundane, but as I’ve said before, the mundane is what makes up the beauty of our everyday lives. My littlest love and I spent our week chasing light. I’m taking a Clickin Moms photography breakout ... READ the POST

Our Little Shade Tree…

When we first moved into our new home back in November, I remember looking out at the three trees in our backyard and wondering if they were going to make it through the cold winter. There was something very peculiar about them. Almost eerie during those cold months. They were dull, drab, and almost ... READ the POST

My Baby Is 5!

Happy 5th Birthday to my birthday boy! This birthday has been looming over me with dread for the significance that the number 5 seems to entail. It feels so beyond the baby stage that I tend to try very hard to hold on to. Let's be honest, he hasn't been a "baby" in quite some time. But for anyone ... READ the POST

A Letter To You – Beckett’s Birth Story

Dear Beckett, It was Wednesday, December 19, 2012, and I had just picked up Bryson from preschool. We were driving home on a beautiful sunny day when the phone call that would forever change our lives came through. My doctor called to let me know that my white blood platelet count was low and ... READ the POST

Girl or Boy? The Verdict Is In…

Yesterday, I had one of the most exciting, nerve-racking days of my life. It was the day that I finally found out the gender of the newest and final member of our little family. If I am being completely honest, I didn't have a preference either way however knowing that either I would be blessed with ... READ the POST

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