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5 Ways I Am Embracing The Sweet Spot Of Parenting

I have a new teenager in my house. As a parent, it seems the years are ever so fleeting. One day we are in the murky waters of what feels like the longest and hardest and most exhausting days of our lives and then collectively they become like a train passing in the night. When we awake, our littles ... READ the POST

My Camera Equipment – What’s In My Bag?

People often ask me what type of camera equipment I use or recommend. I'm not a professional, by any means, but I am an avid hobbyist photographer, constant learner, and lover of the arts. I love to study my craft, whether it is photography, design or even blogging. I am an information junkie, so I ... READ the POST

Spring Bucket List Free Printable

Spring is right around the corner, y'all. Or at least that is what I keep telling myself on these cold and rainy days we are having here in Nashville. The forecast looks promising for next week though. Fingers crossed. I am beyond ready for the change of season; warmer temperatures and blooming ... READ the POST

Embracing The Simple Joys

The simple joys in our lives can often be overlooked and overshadowed by all of the not so simple parts of our days - the hard stuff, the big, bold, "look at me" stuff, the stuff that keeps our minds and bodies busy and preoccupied during the long hours of our days. I often think that taking time ... READ the POST

Middle School…Here We Come

I rose from bed a little earlier than the rest. Thinking a few minutes of quiet this morning would do me some good. I sat down on the couch, opened my laptop, and stared at the sign-up sheet for my son's middle school meet and greet glaring back at me. Up until now, I have just gone through the ... READ the POST

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