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4 Composition Tips To Improve Your Photography

Whether you are taking photos with your mobile phone, point and shoot or your DSLR, composition is key to taking good photos. Composition is the placement of your subjects or other important visual elements within a frame. With good composition, you can totally transform your image. Not only does ... READ the POST

Travel Photo Checklist Free Printable

One of my favorite things to do when taking a family vacation is to capture images that can help preserve our family memories. Often I take so many photos, that the majority sit on an external hard drive, waiting to be rediscovered again when life is a little bit less hectic and time is more ... READ the POST

10 Product Ideas for Generating Passive Income on Etsy

Passive income, is by far, my favorite way of making an income on Etsy. It doesn't require shipping or keeping stock and it is a business that I can predominantly do on my own time. Not to say that a lot of work doesn't go into running a passive income generated business on Etsy. Even selling ... READ the POST

How To Organize Your Digital Photos

Organizing your digital photos is a huge step in making sure that your memories are forever preserved. I haven't always been great at digital photo file organization. It has been a struggle for more years than not. But I currently have a good system in place that has alleviated so much anxiety and ... READ the POST

Pursuing My Dreams at 40…

Today I turned 40+2...42. It feels strange typing that. I don't feel 42. Or at least not what I thought 42 would feel like. I still feel young and ready to tackle the world. Being 42 doesn't change that, but it makes me sort of see age in a much different way than I did 20 years ago. I remember ... READ the POST

Book Review: Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

I embarked on a wellness journey about three years ago, after battling years of anxiety. It had taken over my life in a way that left me gasping for air, time and time again — each time fighting for the strength to overcome it alone. I was too proud, too scared, too much of an “I got this” girl to ... READ the POST

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