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15 Beach Must-Haves For Families

This summer break with my boys at home has really flown by. I’m not quite ready for all of the fun and lack of structure and schedules to end, so I’m holding on to these last few weeks with a tight hold grip. Fortunately, we have our annual trip to the beach coming up in 2.5 weeks to close out our ... READ the POST

Happy Fourth Of July!

Another 4th of July is officially in the books. Fireworks, swimming, family and food all made up a part of the past few days of celebrating. The fourth is always a family favorite and one celebrated immensely in our community. Last weekend, we started with a town-wide celebration at our local ... READ the POST

10 Ways To Practice Daily Gratitude Today

Why is daily gratitude important? Several years ago, I asked myself that very question. I had recently had my third son and was feeling an enormous amount of gratefulness in my life. You can read more about that journey here. His birth marked the beginning of my daily gratitude practice and has ... READ the POST

10 Things I Love About Motherhood

Motherhood is beautiful and hard, exciting and exhausting, what I prayed for yet nothing at all like I ever expected it would be. Motherhood is so many things all wrapped up into one big imperfect package. It has become a huge part of who I am. My 42-year-old self: one part mother, one part wife, ... READ the POST

Friday Favorites & Weekly Recap

It has been a minute since my last Friday Favorites' post. Between the madness of May and end of school craziness and now summer break with three boys, my days are full. How about you? Do the summer months feel extra hard to get things done? This week has been cooler than average Tennessee temps ... READ the POST

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