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A Little About Me…

Hi y’all! Welcome to Blu Nest Bloom! My name is Holly, and I am a 42-year-old wife and mom of three, from a beautiful little town outside of Nashville, Tennessee.

Until recently, I have spent over a decade of my life with one of my three boys always in tow. My youngest started Kindergarten in the Fall of 2018 and in March of 2019, I started working towards pursuing my dreams of growing as an entrepreneur, both as a blogger and as a graphic designer.

Photography is one of my favorite past times and greatest loves. I learned manual photography about five years ago and have never been more proud of any one single accomplishment in my life (aside from my boys, of course). Maybe even more so than the college degree. I have taken thousands of beautiful photos of my boys over the years that now fill our walls and our memory albums. They have become my most cherished keepsakes.

I am an INFJ for all you personality type junkies, like myself. INFJ’s make up less than 1% of the population which explains a lot. When I discovered this several years ago, it was a huge ah-ha moment for me. I have always been hypersensitive, compassionate, a bit socially awkward and a huge overthinker. I feel EVERYTHING. It can be quite exhausting, but at the same time, I have grown to love how I was created, even with all of the quirks that come along with it. I am shy to a fault and love my alone time. Pjs and Netflix over a night out on the town would be my choice 85% of the time. I do, however, LOVE live music and food and spending time with friends so I will take a night out on the town that other 15% of the time without complaint.

Above all else, I love spending time with my husband and my three boys. We enjoy hiking, Mexican food, family movie nights, trips to the zoo, nightly popcorn and popsicles and yearly trips to the beach and to the mountains. We are all extremely close which makes my heart swell. I hope that will continue to be our story as the years pass and my boys turn into teenagers. I often say that I am in the sweet spot of parenthood. You can read more about my take on that and how I choose to embrace this time with my boys here.

Thank you for visiting my blog and if you have read this far, then kudos to you. Much love!

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