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5 Reasons I Love Chatbooks + FREE Book Promo Link

In case you haven’t heard of this super fun and easy way to document your memories, Chatbooks are one of my favorite ways to effortlessly create tangible keepsakes for my family. And guess what? You can get your first one for FREE (up to $10).

What are Chatbooks? Chatbooks are cute and modern photobooks created from your Instagram or Facebook feeds or created manually straight from the app on your phone.

The way I use Chatbooks is by connecting the app directly to my Instagram account. The app automatically pulls in all of my photos and descriptions as I add them to my Instagram account. Once my book reaches the maximum number of 60 pages, my book is printed and shipped to me. Seriously, it is that easy!

collection of chatbooks photobooks in a basket

I have been using Chatbooks for several years. I have acquired quite the collection of photobooks over this period of time. They sit on a shelf in my home office and are often the topic of conversation. My boys like to look through them regularly, which gives me all the mama feels. Tangible keepsakes are so important to me, and this has, by far, been the easiest way for me to get those tangible items into my family’s hands.

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If you want to give Chatbooks a try, then I have a promo code for you where you can receive your first Chatbook for FREE (up to $10). Click here to get started.

5 Reasons I Love Chatbooks

  1. Chatbooks are seriously so easy. Especially when opting for the ongoing photo book series for Instagram. This is my absolute favorite way of documenting all of my Instagram memories. And the cool thing is that you can have your entire Instagram feed printed at once if you choose. You simply connect your Instagram account to the Chatbooks app, and it will automatically populate your entire account into 60-page photobooks. So cool!
  2. Chatbooks are super affordable. Chatbooks come in a few options. You can choose a softcover or hardcover, and you have the option of selecting size 6×6 or 8×8. Pricing can vary from $10-$20, depending on what you choose. They also have a few cover options that can add an additional $2-$3 to your photobook total. I have always chosen the 6×6 softcover option however I have recently decided to upgrade to a 6×6 hardcover. Either way, I find that this is a super cost-effective way of getting tangible keepsakes into my children’s hands.
  3. Chatbooks are of good quality. I am going to be absolutely 100% transparent here. They are not going to rival with one of your much more expensive photobook options like Mixbook or Blurb. And that’s ok. This is about easy and affordable, and Chatbooks absolutely checks off those boxes. And the quality is still really really good. It definitely serves it’s purpose and fills a real need in this digital world that we live in.
  4. Chatbooks are small and don’t require a large area for storage. One thing that is difficult with my 12×12 3-ring binder scrapbooks is that they are really big and take up a lot of room on my bookshelves. My Chatbooks though, can all be stored in a small basket on one of my shelves. Simple storage for a modern tangible keepsake for your family. Does it really get any better than that?
    collection of chatbooks photobooks in a basket
  5. Speaking of which, Chatbooks are great keepsakes for your family. As I have said before, tangible keepsakes are so significant to me. I love to see my boys sitting on our couch going through book after book of our family memories from the past. These books give my family so much joy and help keep our memories relevant and living at the forefront of our memory banks. In a world that has gone nearly entirely digital, my strife is to continue to hold on to things of the past, including that of printing our family photos. Whether printing in a photobook, printing at home or printing from my local printing company, creating these tangible memories will always be a priority to me.

If you want to give Chatbooks a try, then I have a promo code for you where you can receive your first Chatbook for FREE (up to $10). Click here to get started. 

How do you preserve your family’s memories? Please comment below and let me know. I’d love to hear from you.

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