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25 Best Everyday Moments to Capture of Your Child + Free Checklist

I didn’t really begin taking photos regularly until my oldest son was born at the end of 2005. It was then that I delved into photography and started snapping pictures…A LOT. During that time, I was still in the realm of just pointing the camera and shooting, but even so, I treasure those earlier photos just the same as I do any of the more recent ones.

As the years went on, I got better and better at composing a photo but still hadn’t entered the world of shooting manual. That journey didn’t start until my youngest son was born in December of 2012. But documenting my children’s every single day started at the very beginning of my motherhood journey.

I’ve always been partial to documentary photography, even before I really understood that that was a thing, something much different, in my eyes than snapshots and candids. Documenting their lives in such a way that projected emotion and heart was always the story I was trying to tell through my images.

After learning manual photography in early 2013, that world became something so much different than I ever dreamed and capturing the mundane of our days became my photography story.

Telling our story and documenting our lives has been my passion ever since and so I thought I would create this guide as to my top 25 everyday moments that you can capture of your child as well.

These 25 things make up a part of our mundane. The parts that we travel through each and every day without question. These moments, in my eyes, are even more important to document than so much of the rest. This is our real life story, and it’s worth capturing.

25 Everyday Moments to Capture of Your Child

25 Best Everyday Moments to Capture of Your Child

  1. waking up in the morning
  2. eating breakfast
  3. brushing their teeth
  4. getting dressed
  5. putting on their shoes
  6. waiting for the bus
  7. watching television
  8. playing with friends
  9. reading a book
  10. taking a nap
  11. playing with their toys
  12. doing homework
  13. playing with siblings
  14. eating lunch
  15. doing their chores
  16. playing in the backyard
  17. doing arts and crafts
  18. giving their parent’s hugs
  19. bath time
  20. fresh out of the bath/shower
  21. being silly
  22. playing sports
  23. eating dinner with the family
  24. bedtime stories
  25. sleeping in their beds

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25 Everyday Moments to Capture of Your Child

Photographing these mundane moments can be done over a short or long period of time. Don’t place pressure on yourself to capture them all at once. Just make a conscious effort to take notice and document them through photos. Photos that will spark memories of what will most likely be the moments you will treasure when looking back on this chapter of your life. Such a short span of years but full of sweet moments that you will always want to remember.

How do you document the mundane moments of your everyday? What are the images you strive to capture when telling this part of your story?

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